Transmission Assembly


  • This Motor is suitable for 12-meter long road bus
  • As a mature product, this motor has simple structure and high reliability
  • The outer casing is made fully out of aluminum, and the key components are light-weighted based on the results of the simulation platform. The weight of the whole machine is 30% lower than that of similar products
  • The optimized design of the magnetic circuit and the application of new materials lead to the result of that the 90% of the entire external characteristic range has efficiency greater than 88%
  • By the optimization of the structure of the key components and the magnetic circuit, the back EMF of the motor is reduced, and the safety performance of the finished vehicle is improved
  • The continuous output power is large and the acceleration performance is good


TypePermanent magnet motor
Working systemS9
Rating power(kW)150
Peak power(kW)200
Rating torque(N.m)1194
Peak torque(N.m)3000
Rating rotation speed(r/min)1200
Peak rotation speed(r/min)3500
Rating voltage(VDC)540
Insulation levelH
Protection levelIP67
Cooling methodForced water cooling