Electric Vehicle

Power is an independently developed electric driving system, including electric vehicles, energy storage systems (ESS) and inverters, etc. which fully epitomizes the latest technological breakthrough for the company dedicated to developing and marketing highly competitive electric driving systems for new energy commercial vehicles.

Control Assembly

The electric control assembly of a electric vehicle is a mechatronic device with an electronic processing unit (also known as a computer) and a complex mechanical actuation module. Its play determines the main performance indicators of electric vehicles such as energy consumption, emissions, power, handling, and comfort.

Transmission Assembly

Transmission assembly can improve the overall power performance of the electric bus, and improve the response speed of the system, improve the hill climbing function, etc. Different models of this accessory can improve the various performance of electric buses to different degrees and help improve the overall efficiency.

Energy Storage Assembly

Energy storage assembly can be used with T-power’s full line of electric vehicles to help reduce battery drop and optimize commercial operating needs. Reduce the number of recharges.

Electric Chassis

This electric bus chassis represents a new step towards a whole new ecosystem. As we enter the age of electric vehicles, T-power will provide all the necessary support to enable our customers to increase safety in their operations and business.