Transmission Assembly

AMT transmission assembly 2S300

  • This transmission assembly is suitable for 2.5~4.5t delivery vehicle
  • The outer casing is made fully out of aluminum, thus the weight is light. And the torque density of the whole machine is high up to 11.4Nm/kg
  • Due to the introduction of the gearbox, the torque response speed of the system is fast and the dynamic performance of the finished vehicle is good
  • Using the gearbox to optimize and coordinate the motor speed and the motor torque, therefore a stronger continuous climbing ability can be achieved
  • Both high and low speeds, as well as large gradeability can be realized


Speed ratio2.85 /1.2
Rating power(kW)40
Peak power(kW)80
Peak torque(N.m)855
Peak rotation speed(r/min)8330