Resistive load bank


Resistive load bank is a device which can simulate the real-life resistive loads and provides a rigorous test regime for power supplies from 1kW to 60MW. The “load” of a resistive load bank is created by the conversion of electrical energy to heat by power resistors. It mainly used to test and maintenance of Engine Generators, Storage Battery Systems, UPS Systems, Inverters, Ground Power Units, Auxiliary Power Units, Aircraft Power Generators, Wind Generators, Hydro Generators etc.

Resistive load bank are available in stationary type for permanent installation or portable type with lifting rings, castors. Larger load banks, typically above 1700KW, are based on an ISO container construction. Special finishes including custom paint colors and stainless steel casings can be supplied.

Main Features

1. Multiple control mode: (1) manual panel control (2) remote controller (3)PC software control

2. Multiple display function: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power etc. 

3. Multiple protection function: overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, over low blowing rate, blower overheat, blower phase sequence reverse protection, smoke alarm etc.

4. Forced air cooling: industrial heavy duty fan, horizon air intake, upwards outlet, low noise.

5. Power consumption components: made by special alloy resistance, high temperature resisting, high heat dissipation capability, high heat stability, no naked light, safety and reliability. Running temperature is 1/3 of rating.

6. Weather-proof structure: containerized structure provides ultra protection, protection grade higher than IP54.

7. Material and coating: the body adopt cold-rolled steel plate that processed by galvanizing corrosion protection, powder coated and spray paint.

8. Integrated & modularization design: compact structure, easy to installation, maintenance and transportation.

9. Software control: it can test and display voltage, current, frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power etc, the test result can be store & print and form all kinds of curve, chart and test report.

Technical Parameters

Model Rated PowerLoad VoltageDimension (L*W*H)mmWeight(kg)Remark
AC400-200kW 200kW748*509*660.575Portable
AC400-250kW 250kW1550*1300*1220550Outdoor
AC400-500kW 500kW1100*900*1200385Lightweight
AC400-500kW 500kW1800*1300*1070700Outdoor
AC400-600kW 600kW1800*1420*1190800Outdoor
AC400-1000kW 1000kW1800*1300*19301300Outdoor
AC400-1250kW 1250kW2660*1600*21002000Outdoor
AC400-1500kW 1500kW2400*1700*18001700Indoor
AC400-2000kW 2000kW6058*2438*25916500
AC400-2500kW 2500kW6058*2438*25917500
AC400-3000kW 3000kW 6058*2438*2591 8000