Energy Storage Assembly


  • Compatible with the full range of T-POWER electric vehicles
  • External water-cooling system will enable battery capacity derating lower than 20% in 8 years
  • Optimization on DC charging strategy can meet commercial operation requirement. No additional charging is required all day. Charging on high temperature condition can be avoidable


Functional integrationBattery pack, cooling system, accessories
Applicable modelsFull range of T-POWER electric vehicle
Coolant ratioWater/Ethanol (1:1)
Coolant inlet temperature (℃)15
Coolant inlet diameter (mm)12
Power consumption on cooling (kW)0.6kw (Driving), 0.75 (Charging)
Control power supply (V)9/36
Contact area between water-cooling pack and battery pack (mm²)0.37
Positions requiring thermal insulationWhole vehicle battery compartments Whole vehicle water-cooling pipes
Outline dimensions (mm)1060 × 639 × 250
Weight (kg)Battery pack (subject to model selection) + Water-cooling pack (5kg) + Other accessories (7kg)

Fluid Flow/Flow Resistance

Qty of battery pack per pipeFluid flow required per battery packFlow resistance produced per battery packTemperature difference
38L/min14kp1.2℃ (271Ah)
410L/min21kp0.5~0.7℃ (271Ah)