Australia Gourmet Pet Food Research Center Pty Ltd was built in 1996. Since then the company has been dedicating to the study of pet health, pet nutrition needs, pet food safety, delicious pet food and other fields. The center has in-depth technical cooperation with a large number of global pet food companies to help build up and develop highly safe pet food production systems, transform most advanced recipes and provide technical supports. Adhering to the Australian natural health philosophy and in respecting to the natural instincts of pets, Australian Gourmet Pet Food Research Center follows most strict standards in raw materials selecting, processing and other sectors to guarantee supreme quality of products. Being the leading expert in global pet food market is all because of our utmost love to pets. As one of the brand under Australia Gourmet, Time Power officially comes to China in 2016. Honored by quality, Time Power comes from Australia, roots in China and serves for the world.


Due to unique geographical environment which is encircled by the sea, vast and mysterious Australia breeds peculiar kinds of animals, plants and natural landscapes. And also forms this nation's attribute of nature admiring.


Comparing to the beauty, we care more about their health.


Taking pets as family, Gourmet follows extremely strict standards & processes to produce most safe and healthy natural food for global pets


    The recipe is composed of 100% pure natural ingredients without adding any food additives, synthetic flavors, artificial attractants nor any genetically modified ingredients.


    Our recipe contains none of corn materials which may causes allergy of your pets, but rich of high-value fruits, vegetables and fresh meat which not only ensures adequate digestion and absorption of your pets, but also avoids pet food allergy disease, meeting high food safety standard requirements.


    Time Power culls the best parts of beef and deep-sea fishes as the main fresh meat materials to meet pets' picky tastes and nutrition needs; fresh meat nutrition is as high as 80%.

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